While renovating my kitchen, the sheer amount of choices I encountered with regards to fixtures and finishes seemed overwhelming to say the least. As a result, I have decided to share some of the best and most practical advice I received during the renovation process.

Choose Appliances First

This is one of the most important points I learned along the way. Although it may seem tedious to choose your appliances before the first cupboard or island is installed, it makes perfect sense to do so. Spaces of the appropriate sizes will have to be inserted between cupboard or cabinets and knowing which appliance models are going to be installed will ensure that these are all the correct size – you certainly don’t want to get your dream double door fridge home, only to find out that it will have to stand in the passageway or garage because there isn’t enough space in the kitchen for it.

Choose High Quality Hardware

When choosing drawer runners, door hinges and accessories like pull-out units, I quickly learned that quality most certainly trumps quantity. Rather spend the extra cash and purchase high quality items. Not only will they look better; they will last far longer and be more of a pleasure to work with. After all, kitchen cupboards are used daily, so you want them to work as well as possible.
If your kitchen layout involves the installation of corner cupboards, ensure that high quality pull-out or rotating shelf fittings are installed in them, as this will enable you to make the most of this often wasted space.

Don’t go too Trendy

Too many people make the mistake of trying to keep up with the latest trends when renovating kitchens. While doing so may render your kitchen the most fashionable on the block right now, you may kick yourself in a few years when the bright blue cabinets and light-up drawer pulls make your kitchen look dated in a few years. At present, open storage may be all the rage, but you will find yourself washing dishes and appliances more often than necessary because of this. Instead, stick with classic finishes that will look good for as long as possible.

When Money is Tight

If you’re strapped for cash, but would still like to give your kitchen a makeover, there are affordable ways to go about it. If cupboard or cabinets are still in good condition, replacing their countertops can make a significant difference. Upgrading smaller items like door handles and drawer pulls can also provide a fresh look at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. Updating other smaller fixtures such as lights or taps can also give the appearance of having performed a full kitchen renovation – without the hefty price tag.

Keeping the above mentioned hints and tips in mind will help ensure that your kitchen renovation project goes as smoothly as possible. Be sure to allow anywhere between four and eight weeks for full renovation projects to be completed, and one to two weeks for minor makeovers.