Although owning a home is a great experience, there comes a time when various renovations need to be done, especially if you have ideas of selling at some point in future. Below are a few practical tips to help ensure that you get through the process as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

Focus on Bathroom and Kitchen Areas on the Inside

When shopping around for a home, bathrooms and kitchens tend to be two of the main areas that are carefully scrutinized by potential buyers. Stick with using neutral tones and colors when choosing paints and floor coverings, as these are likely to yield the highest returns in the long term. Fixtures such as sinks, basins, shower stalls, taps and bath tubs should also be neutral designs and colors – after all, the chances of someone else wanting a purple and green trimmed bath tub or yellow kitchen counter tops will be virtually zero. If you are short on ideas in this regard, visiting new home display centers or properties that have recently been renovated will provide you with a few.

Place Emphasis on the Front of your Home

In the event that you are going to sell your home at some point, you’ll want to ensure that its curb appeal is, well, as appealing as possible. For example, if your home’s guttering is looking old and worn, replace it. Updating a peeling coat of paint or replacing rusted or rotting window frames can make all the difference in this regard as well. Another excellent way to improve the outside appearance of your home is to invest in good quality landscaping – fill in the bare patches on the lawn, plant a few flowers and ensure that the grass is kept short.

Give Attention to Outdoor Living Areas

These days, more and more potential buyers are showing interest in properties that have fully finished outdoor living areas. Consider installing a sun room, an outdoor fire pit (where permitted) and an area where food can be prepared around the barbeque without having to traipse in and out of your home’s kitchen all the time. There should also be a shaded area where friends, family and other visitors can relax outdoors during the warmer summer months.

Obtain Approval and Have Renovations Inspected

If your home renovations are going to involve building new external walls or you are building additional rooms of any sort, it’s essential that you obtain the necessary government or city council approval and permits beforehand. Before allowing a builder or other tradesperson to perform any renovations or improvements on your property, it is imperative to check that they belong to a professional building organization and that they are appropriately licensed and experienced. This will ensure that all work is completed according to current Australian Standards.
A good way to determine whether a particular builder has done decent work is to ask if you can view other homes where they have done renovation work recently. If they refuse to provide this information, you will most likely be better off choosing a different builder.